People’s Stories

Stuart Makes His Move

Posted 12:15PM on Tuesday 08 March 2016

Stuart has been supported by our Sperrin Supported Living Service in Omagh for 11 years. For a long time, Stuart lived in a two storey house with other people supported by the Service but his dream has always been to move into a bungalow on his own. Here he tells us how, with support from Positive Futures, his dreams have come true.

“I’ve always been happy enough living with other people but have always dreamt of having my own place. After different people that I used to live with moved into their own houses I thought ‘Well, if they can find somewhere else to live then so can I!’”

Moving into his own place was a key element of Stuart’s Planning Live Event last year. Stuart doesn’t normally like to spend too long at these types of meetings but he really enjoyed talking and getting excited about the thought of his “new bungalow”.

After Planning Live, arrangements were made for Stuart’s Social Worker and an OT to come out to talk with him about how he found living in a two storey house. It was obvious for all to see that Stuart struggled in the house he was living in, especially when it came to using the stairs and shower.

Over the coming months, Stuart and his staff team spent a lot of time looking for somewhere for Stuart to live that met his needs and requirements. Stuart was busy planning what colours he would paint the walls and how everything would look. Stuart says: “It took a bit of time, which felt like forever, but in November 2015 I finally found the perfect bungalow and I moved in at the beginning of December. This has always been so important to me and it really is a dream come true!”

Since moving in, Stuart has really enjoyed having visitors to his new home: “My Mum and Dad came to visit me and I was so proud when showing them around. I made them fresh coffee and doughnuts. My sister and nephew have also visited me, drinking more tea and they brought me a new frying pan. This was very exciting for me! I love having my family to visit. I can’t stop thanking my staff team – they have helped me to make my dreams come true and start a new chapter in my life.”