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An Extended Family

Posted 04:50PM on Tuesday 21 October 2014

Adam Maul is supported by our Bangor Family Support Service. Here, his parents tell us how our support has helped Adam become the young man he is today.

Adam has been supported by Positive Futures for around 10 years now. In those years, the contribution that Positive Futures has made to his life has simply been immense. His involvement with them has enabled him to develop socially and enhance his own feelings of self–worth, along with the added bonus of making some wonderful friends along the way.

With support from Positive Futures, Adam has been able to take part in a range of activities including boat trips to the Copeland Islands, football, picnics, cinema nights and everything in between. Without a doubt, one of Adam’s highlights was the night that he got invited to a Northern Ireland World Cup Qualifying Match at Windsor Park and got to walk around the pitch at half time. Positive Futures have also facilitated public transport training for Adam, enabling him to use the local bus service thereby encouraging him to be even more independent.

You could say that all the staff in Positive Futures have become like an extended family for Adam and they have always asked for input from family and school in developing an activity programme ideally suited to his needs. All in all, we simply cannot express our thanks enough to Positive Futures for being part of Adam’s life.

Bill and Geri Maul
Adam’s parents