Risk Enablement Framework

Self Directed Support is one of the ways that is transforming traditional social care services to put people in control of their own support. Self Directed Support moves social care services from a service–led system to one that promotes autonomy and independence by giving people more choice and control over their support arrangements; it is a unique partnership between families, individuals, services, third and independent sector organisations and Government bodies.

However, there is a fear that personalisation leaves individuals who use services open to increased levels of risk. Professionals struggle to balance their ‘duty of care’ with risk enablement and positive risk taking approaches.

The Risk Enablement Framework document aims to explore how to strike a balance between leaving people open to abuse and neglect and ‘wrapping them up in cotton wool’ – to occupy the space in the middle where people are safe on their own terms and are fully in control of their own lives.

Download the Risk Enablement Framework

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