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Top Marks – But Some Room for Improvement

Posted 09:52AM on Tuesday 13 October 2020

Our latest annual consultation exercise (ACE) showed a huge level of satisfaction with our work, with a few areas for potential improvement.

As always, we sought the opinions of the people we support, their families and carers, and representatives of Health and Social Care Trusts. In addition to sending out questionnaires we, for the first time, engaged the support of our peer advocates to conduct a focus group to hear directly from the people we support.

Respondents from the HSC Trusts expressed 100% satisfaction with the support provided, with 98.4% of the people we support saying they were happy with it. 93% of family members or carers who responded expressed their satisfaction with the services we provide.

Responding to the question “are staff well matched to the people we support?” 97.6% of the people we support answered yes, with 90% of families/carers and 92.3% of HSC Trust representatives giving the same answer.

When asked if staff members always listened to the people we support, 100% of Trust representatives said yes, with 92.8% among the people we support and 91% of families/carers.

On the question of whether we provide a safe environment for the people we support, 100% of Trust representatives answered yes, compared with 97.6% of the people we support and 97% of families/carers.

“Do staff support people to make their own choices?” was answered in the affirmative by 100% of Trust representatives, compared with 94.4% of the people we support and 88% of families/carers.

When asked if support from Positive Futures improved people’s quality of life or enabled them to do what they wanted in their lives, 100% of Trust representatives again said yes, compared with 92.8% of people we support and 88% of families/carers.

Having carefully considered the responses and feedback, we have identified a number of areas for improvement. These are:

·         Greater consistency in terms of the matching of staff with the people we support

·         Improved staff retention

·         Give better priority to listening carefully to the people we support

·         Increasing Positive Futures’ public profile to ensure that more people who need our support are aware of us.

Issues relating to particular services have already been progressed, whilst other more generic issues have been included in our Operational Plans.

The full ACE report, including direct quotes from people we support, can be read here. An easy read version can be found here.