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People with Learning Disabilities – What changes do we all need to make?

Posted 10:36AM on Tuesday 29 September 2020


At Positive Futures we believe that  people with a learning disability, and people with autism spectrum conditions who have higher support needs, have a right to be treated with the same respect and dignity as everyone else. So when Maura Campbell asked us to make an easy read version of an article she wrote about this for a new book we were happy to help. The book is called ‘The Neurodiversity Reader’ and is edited by Dr Damian Milton and is available at from Amazon.

Our Advisory Board talked about the article and made some suggestions that were added to it. We think it is very important that people with a learning disability are included when we discuss how they should be treated. They have a lot to say! 

You can download the easy read version of the article from our website here.