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Volunteer’s Week – Anthony and Kurtis

Posted 04:37PM on Monday 03 June 2019


It’s Volunteers’ Week 2019 (1–7 June) – and that gives us the opportunity to sing the praises of those who give up their spare time to support others.
Today, we focus on Anthony and Kurtis, who have had a slightly unusual route to their current role.

Anthony and Kurtis, who go to school together and are the best of friends, first became involved with Positive Futures several years ago, when they were both supported by the Lisburn Families Service.
Then, three years ago, they both decided they would like to become volunteers.
Ruth Hanna, Co–ordinator with the service, says: “Anthony volunteers every week on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. He is a very talented artist and has great ideas which he uses to help the children with their arts & crafts. He also enjoys assisting the children to cook and encourages them to be as independent as possible. Anthony is a quiet, reliable, capable young man. He looks out for the children and always goes the extra mile when supporting our children.
“Kurtis volunteers every week on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. He supports the children to go swimming, which can be a challenging activity, but he is up to the challenge. Like Anthony, Kurtis loves helping the children to cook and promote their independence. Kurtis is outgoing and loves a bit of craic with everyone.”
In addition, both boys volunteer at our Buddy Group, which is on alternate Thursday evenings. This group is for ages 14 + and the young people appreciate having volunteers like Anthony and Kurtis, who are just that little bit older than them.
Says Ruth: “Anthony and Kurtis are both very adaptable to whatever activities are happening and both willingly assist in whatever way they can. They get on well with the children, staff and other volunteers and are an integral part of the Lisburn Families team.”
If you’re interested in helping to transform lives as a volunteer, please check out the volunteering section of our website or email us at