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High Marks For Our Services

Posted 09:08AM on Tuesday 07 May 2019

Our Annual Consultation Exercise (ACE) has found once again a high level of satisfaction with the support provided by Positive Futures.

The survey, among people we support, their families or carers, and Health & Social Care Trust representatives, was carried out in late 2018 and the results have now been collated.

The highest level of satisfaction was in relation to a question about the safety of people we support, which scored 100% among family members/carers and HSC Trust respondents. The people we support scored this at 93%, but a number of them qualified their answers later.

On the question of matching staff with the people we support, 94% of respondents gave a positive answer. Many of those we support provided extra feedback praising their staff team.

Staff support with making choices received an overall satisfaction level of almost 91%.

In their supporting feedback, family members/carers praised the way in which staff would go the extra mile in providing support above and beyond what they expected, not just to the person supported but to the wider family as well.

The findings are broadly in line with the results of our ACE survey from 12 months earlier, with slight variations in percentages. Areas for improvement include listening better to the people we support and their carers – a number of family members said there had been examples of miscommunication with staff.  The nature of support work brings with it challenges in terms of staff changes and this was also an issue for some. We have already put measures in place to address this and with an hourly rate of £9 for support workers,  Positive Futures now leads the sector in terms of rates of pay

We will be acting as quickly as possible on all the other outcomes from the survey, because every piece of feedback helps us to improve services.  

We are, of course, open to comments and feedback all year round. The main benefit of the ACE survey is that it gives us a regular yardstick by which to measure our performance.