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Riviera Bound

Posted 11:36AM on Wednesday 31 October 2018

An eight–day coach tour incorporating ferry journeys and three different hotels would be a challenge for any traveller – but for Finola, who’s supported by our Mid–Ulster Supported Living Service, it was the trip of a lifetime. 

Finola has been on holiday before, but her journey to the English Riviera and Torquay was a very different experience. Her support worker Christine, wo went with her, took her through each day’s schedule in advance, easing her anxieties about missing the bus or ferry. 

The holiday, with Ulster Coach Travel, took Finola to a number of the historical sites in Devon. The highlight was Buckfast Abbey, where a monastery was first established 1,000 years ago. 

Finola was impressed with the friendliness of the staff at the hotels – there were no Basil Fawltys on this trip to Torquay! She also made friends with fellow holidaymakers, joining in conversations and sing–songs.

With this adventure completed, she’s already looking forward to planning her next holiday.