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Rebekah’s volunteer story

Posted 08:30AM on Wednesday 08 June 2016

“I’m Rebekah and I’m 21 years old. At present I work at a local special needs school for children aged 3–11 with mild learning disabilities. I started volunteering with Positive Futures in August 2015. 

“My introduction to volunteering was through a teacher at the school who also enjoys volunteering with the charity. I phoned the number on the Positive Futures website and they put me through to my local area. It was then up to me which service I wanted to get involved with. I thought it would be amazing to work with children with special needs outside of a school environment and I have not been disappointed. 

“I volunteer every other Monday as a buddy for a young woman. She and I go for walks around a local park. We really enjoy this because we talk about things we have in common. We also meet for pizza and a movie every few months, which is a lovely experience. This helps with her life and social skills and helps promote independence for the future.

“I am also involved in a swimming group every Tuesday afternoon with children from the school. This is a brilliant experience as I get to see the children in a different environment, having fun and doing things that other children may take for granted. 

“I enjoy volunteering because I get to see children and young people having fun and it gives me a great buzz to know that I can make a difference to their lives. “I have learned and experienced new things that will stay with me a lifetime. “The advice that I would give is just to pick up the phone and make the call. Even if you only have a couple of hours a week to spare, it will make a difference to a lot of young people’s lives.”