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Michael’s Story

Posted 10:18AM on Wednesday 27 April 2016

Michael is 25 years old. He has epilepsy and is on the autism spectrum. He lives in Bangor and has been supported by our East Coast Supported Living Service for almost 7 years.

When we first met Michael, he found social situations stressful and had great difficulty in expressing himself. This caused Michael a lot of stress. During the time we have known and supported him, he has overcome so many barriers and continues to make strides every day.

Michael’s staff team worked diligently to understand his communication, and they now work together to build upon it. He uses a mixture of speech and Makaton signs of his own creation, and his ability to express himself is constantly growing. This enables Michael to make his own choices and communicate his feelings much more effectively. Michael can now also cope much better in social situations, as long as they are well planned and he knows what to expect in advance. To achieve this, Michael and his staff work together on a visual schedule to plan his days ahead of time, and this helps to provide him with the predictability and consistency he needs.

Michael’s journey is a huge success story that has just begun. We are so privileged to be involved and are excited to be part of his bright future. Michael’s father recently commented on the staff team that works with Michael: “They show nothing but love for Michael. I am amazed by how well they know him and look out for his every need.”