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Getting Healthy Together

Posted 12:21PM on Tuesday 08 March 2016

Our Better Together Project have been sticking to their New Year’s resolutions and putting healthy eating high on their agenda. In a bid to encourage the young people supported by the Project to do the same, Grace McKenna, social work student, recently hosted a healthy eating event. Keeping things fun and simple, Grace gathered together a group of the young people and supported them to make super healthy, tasty fruit smoothies!

The group had a great time learning about the benefits of eating fruit and what vitamins and minerals were in different fruits! The ladies in particular were delighted to hear that apples are full of Vitamin K which is great for hair growth and healthy skin! One of the young people supported by the Project had never tasted a smoothie before – it just goes to show how something one person takes for granted may be a whole new experience for someone else!

Armed with leaflets on healthy eating and recipes for smoothies, the group of young people left the event full of excitement with promises to stick to their “5 a day”!