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”I love when… their face lights up with excitement!”

Posted 03:07PM on Thursday 28 May 2015

Day 3 of Volunteers’ Week 2015! Positive Futures offers volunteering opportunities across all of our Services, from supporting young children or older adults right through to answering phones or carrying out admin tasks in one of our offices.

Edel McGovern has volunteered with our Lakeland Family Support Service since November 2014, completing over 30 hours of volunteering in this short time! Edel volunteers most Monday afternoons with our Lakeland Group supporting the youngest children within the service (5–10 years old). Edel has developed lasting relationships with each of the young people in the group and supports them to participate in a range of activities such as swimming, cinema trips, arts and crafts and outdoor walks.

Edel tells us: “Volunteering for Positive Futures is such a worthy experience for me because I can see the impact a few hours a week can make to the children and their families. Positive Futures can really change their lives. I love that when you go to pick up a child from school to bring them to an activity, their face lights up with excitement. Even though they are the youngest group, they really appreciate us spending time with them.”