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A Titanic Experience for Better Together

Posted 10:24AM on Thursday 15 January 2015

Young adults from our Better Together Project recently enjoyed a fun day out at Titanic Belfast. The eager group of young adults enjoyed hearing the history and seeing the sights the museum had to offer. They visited the various floors, hanging on the knowledgeable guide’s every word. The group enjoyed discussing the division of the classes on the glorious Titanic as displayed by the re–created cabins, and everyone picked out their preferred rooms.

A 3D tour took the group right through the floors of the ship, from the loud engines in the bowels of the ship, through the lavish dining rooms, to the bitter cold outer deck. The interactive nature of the tour meant many enjoyed reading the actual news stories that made the front pages around the world of the tragic tale of the Titanic, while others enjoyed using computers to pilot a submarine around a 3D representation of the wreckage, examining discovered artefacts.

Some of these young adults would never had had the opportunity to attend the Titanic Tour without support from the Project and for everyone it was a very special experience, learning of this important part of Belfast’s heritage.