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Five Minutes With… Shelly King, Intern

Posted 10:05AM on Tuesday 02 September 2014

Shelly King, who has been on an internship with us for the last year, has returned to her university course at University of Ulster. Before she left we asked her about her time with Positive Futures. 

How have you enjoyed your internship with Positive Futures?

Positive Futures has provided me with a great placement year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I think that has a lot to do with the great staff who I have met along the way.

What have the benefits of your internship been?

There have been so many benefits of gaining an internship with Positive Futures including developing general administration skills, experiencing digital marketing through the use of Social Media and organising events but having a full–time job is a learning experience in itself. I have only ever worked part–time alongside studying so it was definitely a change for me. Overall, I hope it will benefit my chances of getting a job after I finish my degree.

What do you feel you have got out of the intership?

I’m really appreciative that I have had the chance to work for a full year before finishing my degree. It’s been really beneficial for me to see the rebranding of an organisation and be part of that as it’s something I found really interesting in university. I’ve gained lots of new experiences through this placement but I have also made new friends.

What’s been your best memory?

I will take lots of great memories away with me but one to remember is being involved in the Corporate Planning Event in November 2013. It was a busy two days but it was great to have everyone in the same room, hearing stories from the people we support, staff and their families and planning for the future. It’s also great to see the progression of the “What About Me?” Campaign and Welcome Award – I will be keen to see how it develops!