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Volunteers’ Week Hits The Big 3–0

Posted 08:00AM on Monday 02 June 2014

This week is Volunteers’ Week and what a special week it is! Not only is it the one week of the year where the focus is all about volunteers but it’s also the 30th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week!

Here at Positive Futures, we celebrate the fabulous work of our volunteers all year round as without their amazing contribution to our work we wouldn’t be where we are today. We couldn’t let the 30th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week go by without a special mention!

What better way to mark this week than to hear from our volunteers themselves and from the people who benefit from their hard work – it sure reads as 30 great reasons to get involved in volunteering!

Volunteers are saying

1. “It’s such a rewarding, warm feeling you get while you are working with the young people.” Dearbhail

2. “It’s great fun and has given me the opportunity to try new things and meet loads of new people!” Roisin

3. “Volunteering with Positive Futures opened up a whole new career for me.” Alistair

4. “I never expected it to have changed my life as much as it has! I’ve honestly never enjoyed anything more seeing all our young people enjoying themselves. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I would highly recommend it to anyone.” Ashleigh

5. “As I am now retired I like to have this social outlet and the flexibility of it suits me.” Moira

6. “Volunteering is very worthwhile and rewarding.” Laura

7. “The best thing (about volunteering) is meeting people who I wouldn’t normally have had the opportunity to meet.” Callum

8. “It’s great knowing that they appreciate you!” Dearbhail

9. “I enjoy sharing my skills with other people.” Peter

10. “It was so rewarding to give someone the chance to fulfil some of the dreams they could not achieve without my support.” Jennifer

People we support are saying

11. “It’s nice to spend time with someone other than paid staff. It’s a great way to get out of the house more and do activities with a new friend in the community.” Francis

12. “I think having a volunteer is good. I get to do different things that I like. It’s nice to see a different face.” John

13. “My volunteer Stacey is my friend… I can talk to Stacey. She’s not paid staff and this is different.” Jackie

14. “I like Terri and she’s very nice and always smiling. Terri is lovely!” Rosie

15. “I really valued Chris’s friendship and support.” James

16. “My volunteer is very nice. We have nice chats and I enjoy her company.” Jackie

17. “I enjoy Peter cooking with me – he helped me cook a romantic meal for my girlfriend!” Patrick

18. “Without Moira to help, we wouldn’t get out and about as much as we do.” Positive Achievers Group

19. “Bruce is my mate!” Bill

Parents are saying

20. “Couldn’t get any better! Warm, approachable, friendly, committed, fun and understanding.” Parent

21. “Perfect! Couldn’t ask for more from Callum …. Just more Callums please. He is an absolute gem.” Adeline

22. “Volunteers are priceless and very much appreciated by our family.” Parent

23. “The volunteers are always bright and cheerful and want to be with the kids. They’re all great!” Parent

24. “I think the volunteers are fantastic, understanding, enthusiastic and enjoy what they’re doing.” Parent

25. “As parents, we really appreciate the effort volunteers put in… by giving up their valuable time, they really make a difference.” Rachael’s mum

26. “Having a volunteer support our son who has been so well matched has allowed us some respite.” Barbara

Office staff are saying

27. “Aaron’s bright and cheerful and enhances our work by helping us to understand the issues that people we support face on a day to day basis.” Finance Department

28. “Well done Megan! We really appreciate all you do for the team in the Lisburn office!” Lisburn Office

29. “When Julian comes into the office to volunteer there’s rarely a day when we don’t laugh, joke, smile or have a bit of craic. Julian just fits right into the team!” Belfast Office

30. “All our volunteers are stars who make the world a brighter place!” Ruth, Positive Futures’ Volunteer Coordinator

If reading these quotes has inspired you to give up some of your free time to change someone’s life, then we want to hear from you! Contact Ruth Mormecha, our Volunteer Coordinator, on 028 9260 6740 or email your name and postcode to