Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Working together to achieve dreams and transform lives

Our Values

PEOPLE FIRST – The people we support will always be our top priority

OPPORTUNITIES – We seek out opportunities to make life better for the people we support through the commitment and dedication of our staff and volunteers

SPEAKING OUT – Working in partnership with the people we support, we will champion their rights at every opportunity with decision makers, with government – locally, regionally and nationally – and in the media

INNOVATION – We are a learning organisation that is always looking for new, creative and better ways to do things

TENACIOUS – We don’t give up – if it needs to be done, we believe it can and will be done

INVOLVEMENT – The people we support and our staff will always have a say in the running of the organisation and we will celebrate with our partners and stakeholders what we achieve together

VALUE – We deliver life–long results and transform peoples’ lives in a cost–effective manner

EXCELLENCE – We will always aim to be the best we can be in supporting people to achieve their dreams and transform their lives