Meet the Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board ensures that we hear the voice of the people we support. Its membership represents people we currently support, people formerly supported by us and some people we do not support.

Advisroy BoardThey meet 8 times a year and link directly to the Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team. Questions and matters to consider are raised at the Trustees and Management meetings and sent to the Advisory Board. The members then give their opinion and raise their own topics for discussion at Management and Trustees meetings. Information is provided in easy read format.

Two members of the Advisory Board also attend Board of Trustees meetings. The Advisory Board is supported by the The Life I Want: Project Manager.

Quotes from members of the Advisory Board:

“I enjoy meeting with other members and getting out of the house. It is always good to hear they do listen, don’t they.” Jean

“I enjoy the carry on and taking part in whatever we are talking about.” Mandy

“I enjoy the company and friendships and learning about new things that I find interesting.” Sarah

“I enjoy talking about and learning about all different kinds of things.” Nazar